SSDG Exhibition now on!

Our Exhibition, in conjunction with South Shields Photographic Society, is now running in the main exhibition space of South Shields Museum. Get along and see some great images! Experience over 200 captivating photographic images on display, ranging from landscape and wildlife to architecture, fashion and personal portraits. On until 18 April 2020. More info HERE.

The South Shields Digital Group is an independent club dedicated to promote  Photoshop and photography teaching in this complicated age of digital technology.
We are a totally self sufficient group (since Sept 2016) and welcome photographers of all abilities to come along to learn/chat and drink tea.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement and help, and may the club go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Tortoise AquariumFor the handout, click HERE2020/02/222020-02-22 11:18:05
Colourising a Black and White ImageClick HERE for the handout.2020/02/082020-02-08 11:06:13
Dodge and Burn using the RAW FilterFor the handout click HERE2020/02/082020-02-08 07:57:09
Model in a FieldClick HERE for the handout2020/02/072020-02-07 16:03:51
Fixing a Landscape – Exposure BlendingIn this handout we will look at blending 2 images at different exposures together. Click …2020/01/172020-01-17 12:32:05
Brenizer Effect – Updated 2020Click here for the updated handout on the Brenizer Effect demoed at the club.2020/01/152020-01-15 12:24:57
Postcard Making – UpdatedThis tutorial will show you how to put together a traditional postcard with 5 images. …2019/12/022019-12-02 12:48:49
Crow SilhouetteClick HERE for the tutorial2019/10/212019-10-21 11:33:12
St Mary’s SilhouetteClick HERE to download the tutorial2019/10/212019-10-21 11:23:04
Penshaw MonumentFor the handout click HERE2019/10/172019-10-17 13:52:51
Blue EyesFor the handout click HERE2019/10/172019-10-17 10:59:34
Bride Photo EditFor the handout click HERE2019/10/172019-10-17 10:53:47
Embrace the AutoThis handout shows some of the Auto features in Adobe Camera RAW and inside of …2019/09/282019-09-28 08:31:12
Walking in the SunlightClick here for tutorial2019/09/262019-09-26 11:16:04
Zebranoceros 14:07:18
Dodging and Burning FacesSometimes we want to add a little bit more contrast to certain areas of a …2019/05/202019-05-20 12:24:40
Photographing a Picture through GlassClick here for the tutorial2019/05/172019-05-17 14:59:57
Sunset in RedClick here for tutorial pdf2019/05/172019-05-17 11:07:43
Swimming in the RoadFor the tutorial, click here.2019/05/042019-05-04 08:21:48
3D Photo Depth MapsThis technique allows you to create images which look 3D on Facebook. Click here for …2019/05/042019-05-04 08:09:06
Combining ActionsClick her for handout2019/04/062019-04-06 09:28:00
Car in the WoodsHandout: click here2019/04/062019-04-06 06:41:21
Movement and FragmentationHandout: Movement and Fragmentation2019/03/232019-03-23 13:38:06
Removing RinglightsHandout: Removing Ringlights2019/03/232019-03-23 13:24:27
Castle in the MistClick here for Handout2019/03/082019-03-08 12:43:48
Taming Saturation and Saturation MasksClick here for Handout2019/03/082019-03-08 12:30:14
Extending a BackgroundExtending a Background2019/02/242019-02-24 12:22:30
Heart AttackClick here for tutorial: Heart Attack2019/02/222019-02-22 12:20:01
Dandelion ClockDandelion-Clock2019/02/222019-02-22 12:09:59
Harley Quinn 12:28:23
Smartphone Waterfall 10:09:34
Finding the Grey PointFinding the Grey Point2019/01/112019-01-11 12:48:24
Making Monochrome from RAWMaking Monochrome from RAW2018/12/032018-12-03 14:49:20
Adding Vignettes in PhotoshopVignettes2018/12/032018-12-03 14:48:10
Santa Going HomeSanta Going Home2018/11/302018-11-30 16:19:44
WaitingJasper – Nov 2018 Waiting2018/11/212018-11-21 11:54:40
Psycho Axe KillerPsycho Axe Killer2018/11/072018-11-07 12:23:21
Autumn ColoursAutumn Colours2018/11/052018-11-05 12:13:10
The Adaptive Wide Angle filterThe Adaptive Wide Angle filter2018/10/312018-10-31 15:19:15
Lamp Light in the WoodsLamp Light in the Woods2018/10/222018-10-22 11:40:32
Horror Movie PosterHorror Movie Poster2018/10/222018-10-22 11:27:54
Girl in the Woods with LampGirl in Woods with Lamp2018/10/082018-10-08 11:11:34
Great Train Robbery07 The Great Train Robbery2018/09/202018-09-20 13:13:55
Welcome Back!It was great to see so many of you returning after the summer break. Our …2018/09/132018-09-13 09:38:28
Correcting Skin Tones using HSLCorrecting Skin Tones2018/05/182018-05-18 13:20:30
ReaperReaper2018/05/172018-05-17 20:17:18
Recovering HighlightsRecover Highlights2018/05/032018-05-03 13:30:54
Dodge and Burn using CurvesDodge and Burn using Curves2018/05/032018-05-03 12:36:38
High Pass Sharpening without the GuessworkHigh Pass Sharpening without the Guesswork2018/05/032018-05-03 10:44:14
HunterHunter2018/05/032018-05-03 09:48:50
Rainy Day Blues05 Rainy Day Blues2018/04/062018-04-06 08:18:45
Focus Stacking for LandscapesFocus Stacking for Landscapes2018/04/052018-04-05 09:39:09
SupermoonThe Super Moon2018/03/102018-03-10 15:30:16
Elisha – New Background and Portrait Retouch – Part 2Elisha – New Background and Portrait Retouch – Part 22018/02/282018-02-28 19:37:56
Using Curves Check LayersHow to visualise spots and lose hairs in your image using a solarized curves layer. …2018/02/252018-02-25 11:21:30
Propping Up the MoonPropping up the Moon2018/02/222018-02-22 13:46:51
Head SliceHead Slice2018/02/082018-02-08 14:42:12
Elisha – New Background and Portrait Retouch, Part 1Elisha – New Background and Portrait Retouch, Part 1 Handout: Elisha – New Background and …2018/02/082018-02-08 09:50:03
Focusing on the EyesPortrait retouching – Eyes Focusing on the Eyes Start Image2018/01/302018-01-30 13:17:57
Butterfly BokehButterfly Bokeh2018/01/292018-01-29 13:09:11
Samurai BallerinaSamurai Ballerina2018/01/292018-01-29 13:01:23
The Ship  The Ship2018/01/152018-01-15 16:11:43
Dodge and BurnNovember 2017 Dodging and Burning Start Image  2017/12/012017-12-01 15:28:41
Barn BalletBarn Ballet_12017/11/302017-11-30 14:03:52
Luminosity Masking and Exposure BlendingLuminosity Masking and Exposure Blending Finished Image  2017/11/202017-11-20 16:03:25
Santa’s lost RudolphSanta Lost Rudolf2017/11/202017-11-20 15:47:10
Using Picture to Exe ver9Picture to Exe2017/10/222017-10-22 18:55:52
New Season Syllabus 2017-18Digi Group Syllabus 2017-82017/08/292017-08-29 11:57:49
Next Season Dates for your DiariesThe dates for the SSDG meetings are 2017-18 are :   6th September 20th September 4th …2017/08/042017-08-04 11:19:05
The HoppingsOur trip to the Hoppings in Newcastle this year was a bit different from the …2017/06/302017-06-30 11:17:18
Summer Trips 2017 (provisional)Digi Trips Summer 2017 These are the provisional locations, but as we all know, things can …2017/06/162017-06-16 08:19:55
Practical NightThanks to all who attended and helped out at last Wednesday’s practical night. Three different …2017/01/132017-01-13 09:52:50
Happy New Year!A ‘Happy New Year’ from all at the South Shields Digital Group! See you all …2017/01/032017-01-03 08:35:32
Blur GalleryBlur Gallery2016/12/222016-12-22 08:26:38
Merry Christmas!The South Shields Digital Group wish all our friends and members a very Merry Christmas, …2016/12/212016-12-21 12:35:21
Change of VenueThe Christmas social has been moved last minute to the NEON social club, Nairn Ave …2016/12/122016-12-12 09:02:38
A New BeginningThe South Shields Digital Group is an independent club dedicated to promote Photoshop and photography teaching in …2016/12/022016-12-02 12:23:26
Tonight is cold, get the heating on!I for one will be making sure the doors are kept closed and we are …2016/11/302016-11-30 14:54:03
IntroductionYou can come along for a £2 fortnightly meeting to watch tutors deliver content, have …2016/11/302016-11-30 12:15:55